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Impossceros, a., n. 1. a task, or a goal that may be seemingly "impossible" or "unobtainable."
2. a way to describe a task, or a goal that may be seemingly "impossible" or "unobtainable."
IE: Stating that something is IMPOSSCEROS is merely stating that whatever the task is at hand is NOT "IMPOSSIBLE," but when simply put, only very trying -- Hard to Achieve, Difficult to get through. Tough -- tough as the appearance as the thick hardness of the skin of a RHINOCEROS.
EX: Another, or One's Own Self: "You want to achieve __________ whatever your goal is) You already __________ (issue(s) you have to deal with).
You have a __________ (something you have to overcome) now!
Can't you see that what you are trying to do is completely impossible? Why can't you just __________ (something else)?
Reaching for the stars, that's what this is! This is just a Dream! Completely Impossible!"
One's Own Conscientious Self "I may have to __________ (what you need to do in order to succeed) but I Have the Will Power to DO This.
No Matter how Long it shall take me (This -- This Task -- My Goal of Obtaining, Owning, Practicing, and above all, Succeeding with Excellence, and Precision), I shall Obtain My Goal!
I Will Make My "Dream" into a Reality.
I Will Succeed! I Am Already Succeeding by Studying, Reviewing, and Practicing, Every Day of My Life, for This Is My Life.
Reaching My Goal is NOT IMPOSSIBLE. It is IMPOSSCEROS!!!"
"Achieving any task, or any goal. Taking care of a paraplegic chosen life partner, three children, keeping all aspects of life in order, working together with a (live-in) nurse, and/or (live-in) nanny, while through all trials, and tribulations, remaining faithful to one's chosen life partner is not impossible to do. It is just, simply put, impossceros! Indeed, one can achieve it, if one puts all of their effort into it.

It may be difficult, to say the least -- it may be hard. In fact, extremely hard to do, tough or trying, but one can achieve it.
by Genevieve Coeur De Fleur April 01, 2015
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