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Starting in 1999, they are a melodic death metal band which combines melodeath with power metal and neoclassical metal. They have only one album, which is called Stained. They announced their split-up in 2007.
Check out Imperanon's songs Sold, Memories To Dust, and Shadowsouls.
by masterpassion November 30, 2009
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A Melodic/Neoclassical Power Metal band from Finald hailing from the roots of Children Of Bodom. Although they are Bodom clones, they do it much better than CoB. Their guitarist/vocalist(Aleksi Sihvonen) and keyboardist(Aleksi Virta) have intense solo battles outdoing anything CoB, Skyfire, or Kalmah have done. These guys are also young as fuck and will achieve much in the future.
Imperanon's Stained LP
Top Tracks:
Stained, Sold, and Blade.
by ThroneOvSeth July 03, 2006
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