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the most outgoing , unique person you will ever meet. extremley gorgeous and knows what she wants. never underestimate her , for she will prove you wrong. she snaps easily, but is an amazing & dependable person. she is unforgettable. However she would much rather smoke a splif and sit back on a Friday night than buy things she needs
Girl one- omg is that Immogen

Girl two- Yh she so cute

Girl one- she’s a proper stoner tho

Girl two- what a great person
by Marni1993 July 10, 2018
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Immogen is a huge bitch but has okay looks. You can get the good side of her as well as the bad. If you ever meet a Immogen don’t be friends with her.
Girl 1: is that Immogen
Girl 2: yeah I think she has a good style today
Girl 1: yeah I guess
by Tayaaaaaaaaa April 21, 2018
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