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Chapter 1

A god from the Gibcraftian pantheon who resides in the halls of Serverusroomus. He was excreted from the teats of the creator god Tagartis. This ooze congealed in countless thousands of years forming the body of Immaridel. His form was that of a gargantuan and bald, naked man with no discernible genitalia.

Tagartis commanded him to create wondrous worlds. Without saying a word, Immaridel immediately set out to create his first world. Tagartis was pleased at the first creation because he was no longer alone in the nether.

Immaridel continued for eons, creating many worlds. Being a perfectionist, he would mothball worlds when he was not satisfied, then begin the next. He was alone in his first world so he created a race of humans in his own image. This new race would take the beautiful worlds and make them their own. They would explore and build. Their touch was evident throughout the far reaches of each world, whether it be giant holes in the ground, great machines, or vast mostly uninhabited cities.

With each new world, Immaridel would allow his followers to move on to the next. After a few worlds there was growing dissent among the people. Usually the dissenters would disappear and never be heard from again. At this point, several other lesser gods came into being. They assisted Immaridel, who needed more help with the booming population and each new convoluted world he created. Dissenters continued to disappear by the thousands.
Immaridel stood atop the highest mountain overlooking his vast creation. For a year he admired his new world, staring at it lovingly. He knew deep inside that his followers would be overjoyed and praise him.
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by Outlawtitties January 17, 2018
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Chapter 2

(from Immaridel Chapter 1)

As Immaridel continued to create new worlds, the links to the oldest worlds began to fade. Many of his followers continued to criticize his choices. His highest priestesses lashed out at them, which began a holy war in which thousands would die. Because of this, Immaridel began to shed tears from the heavens. The oceans of the current world began to flood over a period of years. Cities near the shore were eventually inundated with water. There was little loss of life because hardly anyone lived in the great cities.

Soon a darkness was cast over the world, and before it was relinquished, Tagartis removed Immaridel from the world. He smited hundreds of unbelievers as an example, and warned the others that Immaridel would abandon the world if they continued to fight. For years Tagartis filled in for Immaridel, watching the world he created. Barely a decade passed then Targartis quietly left one night and retired to the heavens, where he continued to console Immaridel with the help of all the lesser gods.

Some denizens of the world continued to advance the technology behind their creations. Eventually a means to escape the world and the domain of Tagartis was invented. This allowed nearly all the inhabitants to leave and travel the stars to find a better world.

Meanwhile, the final world crumbled for hundreds of years until someone tripped over the plug and turned it off. No one noticed, not even that someone.
"My creations don't cry," said Tagartis, slapping Immaridel in the face.
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by Outlawtitties January 17, 2018
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1.Someone who takes pleasure in terrorizing unsuspecting victims.

2. Unimaginable acts of horror.
3. Usually bald.
He went ballistic when he found his car was stolen. He screamed into the empty streets "If I find you, Immaridel your ass!"
by Grumpysquash June 14, 2017
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