Imaginary Lat Syndrome is a common case of someone, typically a male, who believes they are rather muscular when in reality this isn't the case. Those with Imaginary Lat Syndrome can typically be seen walking uncomfortably while flaring their small lat muscles and tensing their arms in an attempt to look "jacked." In reality, it appears douchey and looks like a toothbrush has been shoved up their ass. Manlets are at high risk of falling victim due to overcompensation reasons.
by Chazzy22 September 13, 2013
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The imaginary sensation of having huge latissimus dorsi muscles or "lats". ILS for short.
a meathead who walks with his arms away from his body in an effort to look like a bodybuilder, when in fact they do not resemble one.
he's got Imaginary Lat Syndrome
by OJs other glove December 13, 2008
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Men or women who look like they are carrying two wide suitcases one in each arm in a rush and are about to miss there flight.
Look at that hard chaw he would want to watch out he could knock somebody out with imaginary suitcases. Yeeeh buddy look em he must have imaginary Lat syndrome
by Lobodehobo October 5, 2018
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when someone who is obviosly NOT a body builder is walking with their arms way out beside them and their chest jammed out.
Whats with dickhead?
Oh, he thinks he's tough.
Looks like someones got ILS (Imaginary Lats Syndrom.)
by noster April 30, 2004
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Imaginary lat syndrome is caused by doing lat pull down or croc rows excessively. This syndrome is caused by the build up of scar tissue beneath the lower towards midline section of the shoulder blade. This syndrome can be reversed by the removal of that tissue by a chiropractor or scar tissue removal technique. This tecnique is performed by inserting two fingers below the shoulder blade towards the outside of the body and pulling gently working the scar tissue out. This will allow the shoulder blade to return to a natural position slightly protruding out of the back. This allows the shoulder to rotate forward to a natural position and allows the arms to move down. This contradicts the instructions, "just put your arms down."
"This guys works his lats and back so much he has imaginary lat syndrome 4."
by james kq12345 November 26, 2018
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