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A "Demon" said to be the lurer of lost souls to death. Illusa is depicted as an extremely beautiful woman wearing a red one piece dress. All that claim to have seen her were having a near death experience or very close to suicide. She is usually seen standing on a "bridge" thought to be the only known link between the living and dead worlds. Very few claim to have seen her more than once all saying the first time she is nice and seductive but all following times she is forceful and enraged. Most have seen her with an apple in her hand while standing on the bridge offering it to the victim. It is not known what happens if the apple is accept but presumably death follows.
Illusa is not from any set religion and it is not known where the name Illusa was developed. She is only known through the spoken word of near death victims.
Illusa tried to lure me across a gray stone bridge
by occultfictionfan April 24, 2009
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