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A beautiful girl who has nice hair and eyebrows. She can talk too much but can be serious at times. She has a very peculiar sense of humor. She's very weird and likes animals. But be careful or you will fall madly in love.
Illena is an amazing girl. Very long hair or had and then cut it short, usually wearing shorts or tights oh and exceptionally dresses at all times, and has an AMAZING fashion sense.

She has awesome friends and she is super funny and cool. She is very nice, caring loving and anyone would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend or friend. It is also very easy to fall in love with her once u see her.

Usually has brown eyes, sometimes hazel in the summer.

Long or short, wavy, brown hair.

A very very beautiful girl.
She's such an Illena oh my god she's beautiful.
She is so beautiful! She MUST be an Illena.
by just_stating_the_facts May 27, 2018
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