Ikran is an amazing straight A girl has so much friends but is only close to one of them she is generous and too nice for her own good always forgiving and giving charity
by Money 💰 bags January 18, 2021
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ikran is an honest and lively girl. She’s out spoken and open minded and never afraid to correct someone. She’s the life of the party but sometimes comes off sounding like a bitch but that’s just who she is.She does great in school and has a lot of friends, even though she fakes her relationship with some of them.
Ikran is awesome
by Hi MothEr 69659 December 23, 2019
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Ikran is a girl whose generous and kind hearted , will give her last even if it means she suffers . If you ever meet her she’s the coolest with a bangin body to match!
Ikran is so pretty
by Laylagirl November 23, 2021
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