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A character from the anime and manga, Bleach. He is the 3rd seat of the 11th division and is bald, but hates people calling him so. He has red eyeliner going straight across from the corner of his eyes. His unreleased zanpakutoh is rather special, as the hilt can be used for defending whilst the blade is used for attacking. His shikai takes the form of a powerful staff, but is actually a three-part nunchuk, which can surprise enemies. The nunchuk has a healing lotion hidden in the back compartment that works wonders in fights. He also has a dangerous Bankai which gives its all to sheer cutting power in the form of its two giant axes. There is a third axe NOT used for attacking propped up near his back with a crest of a giant dragon. As the power of the Bankai increases, the dragon begins to turn red. When it turns fully red, the axes can cut through just about anything.

Ikkaku actually has a pretty big role in the story for a 3rd seat. He first fought Ichigo and lost in Soul Society, but returned later on to defeat a dangerous Arrancar using his Bankai, although it actually ended in a draw. His most recent fight has seen him up against the mighty Poh, a Fraccion of Barragan. However, since he doesn't want to reveal his Bankai that could expose him as possibly Captain-rank, he had to hold back and thus cost his victory. Ikkaku loves fighting and doesn't care if he dies in battle. He is also known as the one who trained Renji and 5th seat Yumichika's best friend.
Ikkaku's having another fight!? That 3rd seat sure is getting a lot of screen time.
by Ghizza Gazza September 20, 2008
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