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An Ikashi is much like what is commonly known as a love child between a panda bear an David Bowie.

An Ikashi (or Ike for short) in it's natural habitat would most likely be found voraciously inebriated with an appetite for Mexican food and violence. Ikashis are to be carefully regarded when using any type of weapon; and be forewarned they may use almost anything, even your own hair, dreams, or aspirations.

Ikashi is a vicious vittles enthusiast with a tendency to make those lucky enough to ejaculate inside their own mouths with the complexity of Flavors brought to the proverbial table.

May also be found as a part of the Super Smashed Brothers club drunkenly wielding a powerful sword.
As the villagers watched while their home was raped and pillaged they prayed to their gods and they received an Ikashi. Who mostly just teamed up with Dyonsis and jack Sparrow to get the villagers drunk.

They obviously saved the day.
by Captain Gabby May 05, 2014
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