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A line from a famous song of The Killers, 'Mr. Brightside'

Ijucaloikim = I just can't look it's killing me

The awkward feeling of wanting someone but having no balls to go for it, or not to approach someone or even talk or just stare. Usually the reason of this is that you're inlove with that someone and fearing to get a rejection from that someone, or the reason is still uncharted.
Guy 1: Dude, that's the girl you like!
Guy 2: Shit, let's go home now
Guy 1: Why? Aren't you happy you she's here?
Guy 2: No. I mean, yes. But i just can't. Idk why...
Guy 1: Oh crap. You're feeling 'Ijucaloikim' right now.
Guy 2: Yes, probably. But i do really like her...
Guy 1: Aww..
by that kid from mnl May 01, 2011
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