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There's a deep meaning of "Ihsaan". He is a person devoted to God. He is humble, honest, transparent, compassionate and very friendly. Always trying to help others, he forgets about himself and is ready to take risks. He is always kind towards others. In other words he is one of a kind and unique. Despite having such an amazing personality he never boasts about it. He is man of principles. Having a creative mind and a great sense of humor he is able to influence others and he is a great councilor too. Not trying to be famous, he is down to earth and close to his friends. He is a motivator, successfully motivating others. He has great vision and knows exactly where to go. He's dependent on God in every aspect of life. Being an influential personality, he writes amazingly and his writings have a deep meaning. In Arabic context Ihsaan (Arabic: إحسان ʾiḥsān, also Romanized Ehsan), means "perfection" or "excellence" (Ara. husn).
Prophet Muhammad states, "Ihsaan is to worship God as though you see Him, and if you cannot see Him, then indeed He sees you". (Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim).
by canbereal July 31, 2018
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