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1. Someone who is extremely consumed in their own pursuits. When speaking to others about their intellectual, material, or spiritual pursuits and achievements; they are unaware that they are boring the hell out of their audience so they keep on talking about the subject.

2. Not being able to realize that one is boring their audience yet they continue to control the conversation about the same topic relentlessly.

3. Someone who does not realize that preaching to the unconvertable is fruitless. See Jehova's Witnesses.
That pirate wouldn't shut up about his computer programming for over a half and hour again. The guy is such an idiotelligent.

I had my Rob Zombie t-shirt on but the Jehova's Witness wouldn't let me shut the door. Do those people ever have a high level of idiotelligence.
by Ian Fyffe August 28, 2005
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