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/idēäzˈmōsəs, idēäsˈmōsəs/
a process by which certain characteristics tend to pass from a less intelligent person into a more intelligent one through close contact, thus equalizing the level of intelligence on both sides of a social interaction.
the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc. into a more rudimentary or less intelligent point of view. Typically occurring to more open-minded or intelligent people who are subjected to long periods of interaction with lower-level intelligent life forms.
1. "Man, I spoke with that Shane guy for 30 minutes and could feel myself getting stupider by the moment. I think I just experienced idiosmosis" (please take note of the ironic use of 'stupider' within this context).

2. "what she knows of inbreeding she learned not through birthright, not even through experience, but through idiosmosis with her neighbours."
by N0n1d10t August 18, 2016
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