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A female between the age of thirteen and eighteen who exhibits the following characteristics:
- Corrects people's already correct grammar
- Wears bronzer that is far too dark for her skin
- Wears midriff-baring tops to events such as funerals and children's birthday parties
- ALWAYS, ALWAYS wears fringed moccasin boots
- Says things like "I'm very politically involved. I've been watching the presidential elections every two years since I was little!"
- Thinks that she can twerk
- Takes a huge number of selfies
- Wears "Viva la Juicy" by Juicy Couture

Idiocites travel in large herds, and their approach is often heralded by the tell-tale 'swish-swish' of the fringes on their mocassin boots. Avoiding Idiocites is an acquired skill, and can only ever be truly accomplished by constant vigilance, and avoiding the following areas:
- Starbucks
- High school girls' bathrooms
- Sephora
- Steve Madden outlet stores
- Under 21 clubs
Example A:
Alyssa: Hey, Mary, you should come to Starbucks with Janie and me after class.
Janie: You're so dumb, Alyssa! It's 'Janie and I'!
Mary: ...No. No it's not. Please refrain from correcting other people's grammar, until you yourself have a good handle on the English language. Idiotcite.

Example B:

Mark: ...Dude, did you hear that? *looks around fearfully*
Josh: No, what is it?
Mark: It's the swish-swish-swish of mocassin boots!
Josh: No! We are not going down today, man. I'm too young to die!
Mark: I'll make for the east exit, you take the south. We'll reconvene behind the football field.
Josh: If I don't make it, tell my mom I love her.
by cynincaloptimist September 01, 2013
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