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A mathematical theorem stating that any given number may equal any other number. This theorem can also be used on itself, meaning it may be used in anything imaginable. this theorem cannot be proven or disproven because in either case, the Identity Theft theorem can be used to prove just the opposite.
Examples in math:

Example in an argument:

Two people are arguing which is better, Mario or Zelda. Person A believes Mario is better because of the massive amount of games he has starred in. But person B uses the Identity Theft Theorem to prove that Mario IS Zelda. When person A says that that makes no sense, person B may say that by using the Identity Theft Theorem, he has proven that nonsense in itself is now sensible. But since person A may also use the Identity Theft Theorem, there can never be any true winner, unless the Identity Theft Theorem on the outcome as well.
by TranceDjAelita February 08, 2006
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