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Pronunciation: \ˈī-däl-ˈid
Function: adverb, adjective, noun, part of a word, transitive verb, intransitive verb, preposition.


Meaning 'worthy of love' in 7 different languages, it has recently become slang for 'the best huger in the whole wide world'.

Idalid will make you a friendly, approachable, and a generous person.

Idalid can be firm, positive, and independent in her own ideas and in reaching her own decisions, yet when it comes to taking action or following things through to completion, she often needs encouragement.

Idalid is smart, beautiful, sarcastic, loving, helpful, and supportive. She'll give her all in everything that she does, even if she isn't sure how to do it.

Known for giving great advice, being extremely protective of the ones she loves, saving the day on a regular basis, and corrupting the minds of young children.

Idalid has fantastic taste in anything and everything (especially men), and looks fantastic without even trying. It just isn't fair.

Immune to criticism and bad weather, she can do anything with grace and perfection. Idalid's almost too perfect. You could hate her if you didn't know her, but if you do, she'd still be your best friend.

Idalid's the biggest sweetheart you'll ever meet. She deserves a hug, just as long as you don't pull her hair. Or poke her feet. If you do, she'll switch into a Bailey, and roundhouse kick your ass. Anyway, leave the hair alone.
A: That girl gave me a toothache.
B: Wow she must be real Idalid.

The sun is shining and birds are singing, I can tell today's going to be another Idalid day.

A: I use to having trouble sleeping, but I found a cure.
B: Counting sheep?
A: No, counting Idalids

If the Beatles were still writing songs, their next one would be "All you need is Idalid"
by K. Dagger February 03, 2010
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