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When arguing with colleges/companions, you find yourself running out of insults to throw in their face. This is when you may need to use the classic, but affective "Id Face" insult. Specially designed to not only stun but confuse your opponent, causing them to lose their concentration and lose the arguement.
Most tend to save this insult for when they are against a opponent of the chav nature. Recent tests have proven that the more burberry the chav is wearing, the longer time period it takes for the insult to sink in.
WARNING- when using the Id Face attack, always use against people of IQ level under 50, oh and don't throw into an open fire.
CHAV: f**kin' pikie
BERT: f**kin' chav
CHAV: Hey mate, your mum
BERT: Shutup, you ID FACE!!!!
CHAV: duhhhhhhh.............???
by Rednaxlea Ttocs September 06, 2005
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