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A guy who stands out in the crowd. A pure human with so much to offer the word, so much potential, but doesn't realize it. His academic life isn't his top priority, but he cares enough to surpass everyone with ease. Don't ever let an Ibrahm go, because his humor will light up the darkest day and his smile will make your heart melt. A true blessing to any lucky enough to befriend him. His athleticism is stunning. Insanely strong but doesn't show it off outside of a humorous setting. He's a smart, talented, and caring guy that could never be replaced. Selfish isn't a word in his dictionary and he will go to extreme measures to make others happy. Attractive. His six foot build is perfect and his dark hair is never out of place. You'll have a hard time not loving him, regardless of who you are. Lightly tanned smooth skin that you can't help but be jealous of, along with the endless list of his other perfect features. Ibrahm can pick up any instrument with strings and make you swoon. Gorgeous long fingers that strum raw grace and beauty out of a lifeless guitar. Understanding and never awkward, he's had quite the glow-up and will continue to climb higher in life. Never let an Ibrahm go, for he can never be replaced and he deserves to be loved. Has had his heart broken after he gave a girl his all, and still blames it on himself. Doesn't realize just how inspiring, beautiful, generous, talented, selfless, smart, funny, and just all around fantastic he is. A dove among seagulls.
Person: Who IS that?! He's perfect!
Me: That's Ibrahm. And, yeah, he is.
Person: What's he like?
Me: A celestial being.
by little_._things May 23, 2018
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