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IRRITEASING - is the action of being irritating when one is teasing someone else. This most often occurs between couples IN PUBLIC, but can also be done by parents to children or between siblings. IRRITEASING IS ALSO THE EFFECT ON PEOPLE WHO WITNESS THE EXCHANGE.

Irriteasing creates a toxic environment and is very unpleasant for those watching the irriteasing going on.

The key difference between teasing and irriteasing is that teasing can be funny and add levity to a conversation or allow an, as yet, unspoken bit of information to be raised in a non-threatening way.

Irriteasing is irritating and the person is demeaned by the statement and actually feels demoralized and humiliated. Irriteasing is the perfect way to dredge up something from the past that is embarassing.
I have warned my friends who are couples that my home is an irriteasing free zone; they should bicker at home. They clearly don't like each other but are too chicken to duke it out at home....sheesh.

My coach was so irriteasing about that time I missed my own race. Like that is really supportive, eh? Especially considering that HE was supposed to escort us to the start and had told my relay team to "wait there" until he came back.

Lionel is so irriteasing. Last night he went on and on about that time I spilled wine on his carpet. It wasn't a magic carpet or anything.
by Lokisdictionary February 05, 2010
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