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IRATTOSV means "In Right After The Terms Of Service Violation"

Popular in forums where no one actually reads the Terms of Service (TOS) and then someone violates those terms. Can't be "In Before" unless that person is the actual person who is about to violate the terms... then it wouldn't be funny.

Not to be confused with IBTM, or HGTD.... or even TOGTFO
Dr. Dirty is all buthurt because Sgt. Rock wants to "bury" him at MOAB..... so he posts a thread on a forum asking if anyone else has been threatened with an untimely demise while wheeling at MOAB in a forum. An Internet Beatdown (IB) ensues with SSFJKO types piling on in epic fashion.... then the super moderator has to clean it all up and 'splain why he did so.

Next moron posts up "IRATTOSV"
by MRRG March 24, 2011
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