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INt3nSe is a word derived from the hip/hop music culture, by the artist known as 'LiL Jon'. Lil Jon was going to use the word 'INt3nSe' as his 'every-song' word, but was unable to, as soon as his 'smoking incident' occurred. Lil Jon got high from smoking too much marijuana, he became deaf and stupid, leaving him with the repeated words of wonder : "WHAT", the agreeable word : "OKAY", and the thrilled word of: "YEEAAH". Other rappers stole his word INt3nSe , and are starting to use it in current songs, the word meaning "The best, most intellectual pimp" , and "Holder of tremendous cock".
few songs that dubbed over the word "INt3nSe" :

"Rolling down the street, im INt3nSe , sippin on Gin and Juice" - Snoop Dogg

"Drop it like its INt3nSe"-Snoop Dogg

"My niggaz dont dance, we just get all INt3nSe , and , we do the roc-away, lean back" - Fat Joe

"If you roll up in the club, and them niggaz get INt3nSe, and you step up to the face, what they gon do?" - LiL Jon

Movie Titles that were replaced -

"INt3nSe at the Roxburry"
"How INt3nSe"
"The Bourne INt3nSe"
by Auto Vocab January 02, 2005
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