if your reading this and you online date, you need help. im not joking. you need serious help, but on a io game your just a little sh- sorry, my profanity has been spilled because of your disgustin g act of your disgusting ways now go somehwere go outside and please help im trapped inthe urban dictinonary i need help please iehelp help jeel hepl
The act of being disgusting on games that are usually titled Fortnite and Roblox. If you do this, it is scientifically proven you need help, so please stop you could be dating a lego.. a 80-year-old man. That is the definition. this is the defiintion of: stop online datin IM INTHE URBnAN DICITIONARY HELP.
by Quandale Dingle The 1st September 2, 2022
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I watched Guy McPherson's lectures all night yesterday, and it convinced me of INTHE.
by The_earth_is_round January 28, 2021
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