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Pronounced: In-quiz-eater 1. The person at the table who constanly asks,"Are you gonna eat that?" 2. A person that asks too many questions about the meal they have ordered before it is even prepared.
1. I hate having lunch meetings with bob. He is such an inquiseater. I can't even take my fork away from the food for five seconds, before he starts asking, " Are you gonna finish that?" I hate it! 2. Oh, my god! I had dinner with jenny, and it was a nightmare! She is a raging inquiseater. It took us twenty minutes just to order our food, with her questions about the calorie content, trans fat content, where the veggies were grown, were they organic, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to rip my hair out!
by Brittany T April 22, 2008
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