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The Mexican equivalent of the American projects.

In theory, these INFONAVIT units go by the showy name of "subsidized social housing", and their theoretical function is to provide an affordable dwelling for working-class Mexicans. Based on Le Corbusier's pretentious bullshit about high-density urbanism and organization, these units exist supposedly to give thousands of Mexicans a place to live.

In practice, these places are dirty fucked-up holes of crime, poverty and social decay, packed to the limit with cholos, whores, crack dealers, wife-beating machos, and teenage couples. No self-respectable Mexican ever dares entering these dens of corruption, lest chances are they will get robbed, beaten up and gang-raped. This situation has gone so far, the term "INFONAVIT unit" is nowadays a synonym for "ghetto".
The largest INFONAVIT units in Guadalajara are El Sauz and Las Fuentes. Be especially careful with the latter, as it sits right in the middle of an important bus route exchange. If you absolutely have to ride through one of these places at night, keep your windows up, your doors locked, and never let the speed meter drop below the 120 km/h!
by Da_Nuke July 10, 2008
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