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Acronym for Interactive Media and Game Development, a degree that can be earned at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

It is a relatively new program, but has an excellent group of professors and industry professionals striving constantly and consistently to improve it. It is split into two tracks. The art track requires ten art courses, while the technical track requires ten computer sciences courses. This is in edition to other requirements in various subject areas such as math and the sciences.

The program is often mocked for not being serious and being only for nerds and social outcasts. Most of the classes, however, are important and require a good deal of work and, while there are some socially awkward students, most are amiable and more than happy to go to social events.

Most IMGD majors can mock themselves for studying interactive media and games, but know that the things they are studying can be important and useful. Anyone who seriously hates the program either has something against one of the students in the program, or is jealous that they are not an IMGD major.
"Man, I just spent all night in the lab working on that 3D model for our game. Being an IMGD majors is great, but it can be lot of work too."

Other student: "I hate IMGD."
IMGD Major: "That's probably because you aren't an IMGD major."
Other student: "Yeah, you're right. I'm just jealous."
by MasterSnare March 05, 2010
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