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A IG honey is a Male/Female who tends to get attention from males and females on twitter by posting "seductive" type pictures, her or her following to follower ratio is never close, he/she tends to thrive on receiving heart eyes and superficial comments under pics for each pic posted on His/Her Instagram Account;

A IG honey will post thirst traps to lure you in, you follow him/her and you will never receive a follow back but if they you will never receive a response to a DM.
Ex 1:
John: Damn who is that?

Mike: She a Twitter Honey bro, you not getting a response unless you're a basketball player

Ex 2:
Tasha: Who is that? Damn he fine!

Sarah: Forget it sis, he'a IG Honey! if you're not a stripper or selling flat tummy Tea he won't respond.
by CrownMe_Shug March 22, 2017
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