Popular for the phrase "what are you fucking gay" and "hey,that's pretty good".Makes videos such ass Content Cop,Kickstarter Crap,Bad Unboxing,and more.He works with (Filthy Frank),MaxMoeFoe,HowToBasic,and some other guy is don't know. 700,000 subscribers ass of 4/11/2016 my dudes
(IDubbbz Tv) : what are you fucking gay

(IDubbbz TV) : hey that's pretty good
by LocosTacos TV April 10, 2016
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A youtuber who has reached over 4 million subscribers as the time of writing this. He makes unboxing videos (bad unboxing), exposing videos( content cop), and even food reviews (legit food reviews). He is also known for the memes such as " what are you fucking gay? I'm Gay! I have crippling depression. I have osteoporosis!".
Man i love IDubbbz TV!
by Millenidumb March 15, 2017
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