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Acronym for “I Don’t Know, Blacked Out” this infamous state of unconsciousness is achieved only via reckless, willful disregard for oneself and those who had previously loved you. Typically induced by shotgunning cheap bourbon as if it contains the antidote, IDKBO is most often associated with disastrous divorce, irreparable family feuds and death spiral endings to once promising careers. Primary benefits include memory loss, unwanted children and plausible deniability when forced to testify in self-defense.
Bruh: “Of course we’re over – you offered to blow the cab driver to pay the fare.”
Ex-gf: “You can’t hold that against me though, you know I was IDKBO.”

Bastard-child: "Dad, how did you and mom meet?"
Soulless, former-man: "Tough to say son. Last thing I recall was mom grinding on the leg of a foosball table - then IDKBO."
by sasnnm December 16, 2013
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