Acronym for "I'll Be Gone, You'll Be Gone."

It's what douchebag hedge fund managers say to each other when they create an investment mechanism that makes both of them rich while fucking the American public.

Why should they care? They'll both be gone (rich and retired) by the time the whole thing falls apart.
Hedge fund manager #1: Hey, we graduated from Wharton two months ago, and we're not rich yet! We don't have any real managerial or entrepreneurial skills, what can we do?

Hedge fund manager #2: Why don't we invent a bogus investment vehicle like a credit default swap?

Hedge fund manager #1: But won't that bankrupt the country when the whole thing goes to shit?

Hedge fund manager #2: Who cares? IBGYBG. We went to Wharton. We don't have any ethics.
by Bcozthenite October 26, 2008
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