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Supposedly Sharon Stone and Madonna have high I.Q.'s and scored high on the I.Q. test.This calls into question the validity of the I.Q. test.

Sharon Stone is a fucking airheaded skank who uncrossed her legs to show us her beaver in that one shitty movie.WOW,she's really fucking smart isn't she.And now she says she wanted to kiss Halle Barry in the movie Catwoman but because she didn't she blames BUSH for this.WHAT A STUPID FUCKING LESBO CUNT!!!!

And Madonna...oh shit! WHAT A FUCKING STUPID WHORE! She did a SEX pictorial book where she does all this sick S & M shit and fuck Vanilla Ice and a little poodle dog!!!!

What a sick fucking CUNT!!!!!
Yeah those are some hella intelligent fucking bitches there!!!! LMAO!!!!

I am so smart I won't even take your fucking I.Q. test but I'll whoop your ass on Jeopardy!
by EX-LIBERAL!!!!!!! August 07, 2004
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