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Usually consist of fags in 4 cylinder piece of shits racing the only people they can beat, each other. They have a high sticker to horsepower ratio, have a wing that can be seen over a truck, and have coffee mug exhaust technology. These are usually ricers or ricerlike Meshuggah who drive civics, preludes, integras, etc. They refuse to believe their cars are not meant for racing and sound like lawn mowers except do not haul as much. Also are blind to the fact that there is no replacement for displacement, as even honda makes all their highest quality cars like Acuras 6 cylinders. Even if one of these lawn mower type vehicles reach high horsepower levels, they are lucky not to break down within their first 1/4 mile run because these engines arent meant for that kind of power. They are stupid enough to pull up to 300+ horsepower Mustang Cobras, Camaro SS/Trans Am, and even Corvettes. The sorriest thing is that they acually think they can win.
Ricer #1 -"Yo dawg, look at my predlude, look at it's body kit, neon lights, rims, HUGE wing, MAD stickas, and Huge exhaust. Oh AND IT'S VTEC."

Ricer #2 -"OH HELL YEA, STICKAS AND VTEC BABY. DAMNNNN that shit looks FAST,it must be a beast"

Ricer #1 -"Nawww dawg, look what else I got under the hood, an INTAKE. I have to race this baby, taking it to the races tonight"
At the races he finds a 320hp 5.7L V8 Pushrod Camaro SS. He decides it is a good idea to rev up next to the Camaro. The Camaro revs back and prelude ricer all of a sudden has a brown substance dripping through his legs. He gets the ass raping of a life time at that race. The ricer then went home and realized why he had lost. He said he would come back for that Camaro more powerful than ever. Later the next day he went and bought a bigger exhaust.
by dx 32v July 29, 2003
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(I.S.RACING=imports suck racing)the coolest race group ever, they kick the shit out of every single peice of shit import, fast and the furious wanna be 16 year old cock suckers out there. why do u all have the same cars? the same exhaust? the same euro lights? the same formula spoiler? why do u guys suck so much...god
coffee can muffler, whiney noise maken imports cars suck
by pinto February 03, 2003
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