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"I demand a recount!" is a phrase used to express resistance to a decision made, usually in regards to a vote; when used, it is often in a melodramatic and/or comical fashion.

Although the concept of demanding a recount has been around for the while, the phrase "I demand a recount" was popularized as a meme following the Bush v. Gore case for the 2000 election for the U.S. presidency.
Due to the ballot counting controversy surrounding Florida state's miscounts of votes (at this point Florida's electoral votes were the deciding factor of the Presidency), the U.S. Supreme court got involved, and decided by a slim 5-4 majority to cancel the Florida re-recount, as it was not likely to meet the safe harbor deadline requirements.

"I demand a recount!" was popularized as a display of indignant resistance thereafter, as many people (both state officials and regular citizens) criticized the Supreme Court's decision, requesting that for a recount not to be done would be bad form at best, and critically unconstitutional at worst.
by Timothy Matias October 15, 2010
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