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Declaring to someone your immediate, forthcoming intention of correcting a situation that you find non-accommodating to your person. This can take the form of an overt physical act such as: slapping, shoving, kicking, reckless driving into the side of a Quick Mart, throwing molten Cheese Whiz, or an act of retribution such as filming someone using a toilet bowl, to be used as blackmail, etc. It can and is often preceded by an exclamation such as: "Bitch!", "Ass!", "Punk!", "Dude!", "Dawg!", "Whore!", etc.

Warning: it should not be used in certain situations, such as "Your Honor!, I`m about to ball this."
"Dude, Leroy just smashed into your car."

"Bitch, I`m about to ball this!"

An example of this phrase in use can be seen in the film Smokin`Aces (2006), as provided by the character "Warren."
by AssJack! June 25, 2013
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