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1. a phrase used when you are trying to make a deal, and the other person doesn't understand the magnitude of whats going on.

2. used when you are blessed with an amazing opportunity or gift, and somebody you know doesn't understand how amazing it is

the phrase originates from the Rod Blagojevich tapes, in which blagojevich is trying to sell somebody the seat of illinois senator, and he thinks the other guy undervalued the cost of the seat.
example 1:

Joe: hey, did you know i own a baseball signed by babe ruth?

Bob: are you serious? ill pay you fifty bucks for it

Joe: am i serious? the question should be are you serious, i mean, i've got this this and it fucking golden, and you want to pay me fifty bucks for it? id rather sell my soul on ebay.

example 2:

Joe: I just won a backstage ticket to a bruce springsteen concert

Bob: thats nice

Joe: nice? I've got this thing, and its fucking golden
by anonymous person #13 October 14, 2009
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