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When You're out out drinking and you've just decided that you are in the mood for alot more alcohol, by referring to it as "I've got the Flavour" friends and family know that you are not going to be back at the alotted time you agreed to earlier, all repercussions have been taken into account and you don't care what they say, you are staying out, in social terms this expression can be the be-all end all to the "When are you coming home?" argument.
Sorry luv, i've got the flavour.
Well i got the flavour didn't I, so I couldn't help staying out til 4am on a workday!
You know its a normal day and i'm in the pub, next thing you know i've got the flavour and suddenly i'm out out doing a few lines of Charlie.
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by Mickieg1994 July 02, 2018
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