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I'onna is a girl who can be fun when you know her. She can be attitudical, which means she puts attitude into a lot of things like losing a follower. She's talented, pretty, and speaks her mind like Rapunzel. She keeps an eye on future to make sure its amazing. So I'onna is an AWESOME girl. She has people gossiping about her because she has haters.
Trevor: Is that I'onna? Austin: Yeah, she so pretty. Trevor: She may be pretty but she has a future ahead of her. She ain't got time for boys. Austin: Yup, she may have a lot of haters.
by sourlemon2066 February 03, 2014
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Different in all aspects. She might be timid at first, wouldn’t know how to act in general. Ionna’s personality’s and actions are different towards various people. They tend to blend into the environment of the other individual and make the greatest of friends who understand you. Ionnas don’t care for looks until necessary and are very pretty when they try. Secretly great at sex and very horny, yet wouldn’t come off as so in most cases. Ionna’s are very easily targeted and blamed on for events that they may not have even been around at the time. They’re just easy to pinpoint, but Ionna’s never lie. They depend on trust and can easily be disheartened when ignored.
*At school *
“There’s no one to hit on here..”
*goes out*
“Hey who’s that chick?” -guy1

“Isn’t that ionna from creative writing?” -guy2

“Holy shit” -both
by MysteryMrs May 22, 2018
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