My Sweet Jamaican Empress

As the daylight I think of you wishing I was waking up next to you seeing your beautiful face & touching your lovely baby soft skin. I dream bout you last night,it all felt so real I know it's a sign from Jah.Pretty much since we split up I keep to myself & although I meet someone 4yrs ago I realize I'm still in love with you & she never have your ways. Remember how I used to squeeze you tight in my arms kissing your back slowly & them beautiful lips I truly adore you (Miguel Adorn) You a the one black woman who was all ways conscious of your culture music & everything in between you never trade places for no one Jamaican right through & through hope you married someone who understands you like I do in all your ways.
Know that there is a place in my heart for you All Ways Sweet Empress!
I adore Errol's Wife

My Sweet Jamaican Empress would never trade places for anyone
by Janet21 February 27, 2023
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