A common insult...unless you really did fuck someones mom...
Oh yeah..well...I DID YOUR MOM. BURN
by pooturboot October 24, 2007
A more gratuitous derivative of the simple Your Mom, in which someone describes having sexual relations with another's mother in an attempt to offend or shock them. While it almost always used either sarcastically or as a form of trolling, it can also be found being used by typical players in online gaming matches who have decided that actual insults simply did not display their rage thoroughly enough.

Never, ever used with any sort of context.
Player #1: No! What are you doing!?! You're letting them take the fla-

Player #2: I DID YOUR MOM.
by LitterallyHitler March 17, 2013
Saying this at a grocery store or any store (e.g Farm Boy, Sobeyes, Walmart etc.)
The teenager somehow got to the intercom in Walmart and said, "ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: I DID YOUR MOM"
by BabbleBoy February 4, 2023