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1. The act of putting a male Korean celebrity in the "sibling" zone when a fan has only sibling type feeling for said male celebrity, as opposed to the usual fan crazed feelings one might have.

2. Can also be used when a fan tires of using the played out "oppa" pet name.

3. Can be rarely be used when the name of the celebrity is not known.
1. Katie - "Oh my gosh, look at this picture of TOP!" *fangirl squeel*
Felicia - "Eh. It's okay. He's in my Hyung Zone..."

2. Jessica - "I can't wait to see Jongup hyung at the concert!"
Felicia - "You Hyung Zoned Jongup??? But I thought you loved him?!"
Jessick - "I do! But calling him oppa would just be so played out."

3. Kim - "Hey. Who's that one idol from Shinee? That Dino- puppy hyung?"
Jenny - "You mean Jonghyun?"
Kim - "Yeah! Jonghyun."
by TheEvilMaknae November 05, 2014
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