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A boisterous greeting which may be used as way to acknowledge a friend or as a way to get the attention of a passing lady and/or group of ladies.

A way of showing enthusiastic agreement with something someone else has said.

A way to indicate that something you just said is either rediculous or untrue.
You are meeting up with a friend at the bar and as you approach you yell; Hyte!

An attractive lady and/or group of ladies walks by you and in order to get her/their attention you matter of factly state; Hyte!

If someone says that there were all kinds of ladies at the bar you just left and same is true, one would shout a double; Hyte! Hyte!

Despite the fact that your friend has only recently broken up with his ex-girlfriend you tell him that you have already slept with her despite the fact that this is not even close to the truth. As he begins to get mad you yell; Hyte! to let him know you are just kidding.
by J Sal February 12, 2009
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