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A site where like-minded individuals make their own hurricane seasons based on fantasies. Only attracts keyboard warrior, hardcore nerds. Some have autistic tendencies and weird fetishes.
Andrea: "Barry, I wonder what Chantal is looking at?"
Barry: "Ah, it's just the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wikia
Andrea: "I see... wait... Chantal, the year 2095 doesn't exist yet!"
Chantal: "It is their fantasy 2095 Atlantic hurricane season; literally a copy and paste article with no creativity and styled like a Wikipedia page..."
Dorian: "and who would believe this shit anyway? It might not even be true... wait why do all these hurricanes have our names?"
Humberto: -cries because the users always make him a tropical storm while in the real world he is always a hurricane-
by Kanna-chan-desu-yo March 05, 2018
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