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An arbitrary opinion or hypothesis, presented as a factually valid theory, however unproven or unprovable. (Coined by Hank Green of vlogbrothers)
A common hypothetheory example list (things that are often black-and-white said to be true, however impossible to prove):

God XYZ definitely exists.

God XYZ definitely cannot exist.

If only people thought like I did, the world would be a better place.

Legalizing gay marriage undermines the sanctity of marriage!

Homosexuality is unnatural. (Proof nonexistent, actually, counterproof very existent)

My (affiliation xyz) is the best.

>(Most phrases which use words like right, wrong, best, worst, etc.)
by HumHumanity May 11, 2012
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coined by NerdFighters-leader Hank Green, it's a hypothesis whose imagined experiment is taken as valid 'proof' of the theory (in one's mind)
The recent laws holding homo-marriage "invalid" are made based on the 'hypothe-theory' that two men or two women will not--of themselves--carry-on the continuance of the species.
by Uncle J MythMan June 04, 2012
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