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A specific individual whom is in some way a pest and/or disturbance to society. A hyphen head can involve selfishness, arrogance or just being an overall hyphen. The term hyphen head can also be used to regard any living being no matter what the circumstance.

In other words a hyphen head can be named to anyone and can be interpreted in a positive, negative or neutral way.

A hyphen head is also commonly used when someone is "Dogging the boys" as the term hyphen head is mostly used by the fellas.

The word hyphen head originated in the vicinity of South Yarra in Melbourne. It came from the word "dickhead" which was used by the man himself, Jarrad Dousa. Jarrad Dousa liked to use the word dickhead a fair bit. He used to say the word "Dickhead" with a little gap between dick and head. So the spelling became "Dick-Head" which also translates to Dick Hyphen head. And that is where the word came from.

The word hyphen head can also be used as simply naming someone as a "Hyphen".
"Jesus Clarky, you're the biggest hyphen head going around."
"Fak the ticket inspectors are a bunch of hyphen heads."
"You farken hyphen"
by GunM8 June 04, 2017
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