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1) to address a location with an absurdly local description to the point where it is confusing to non-residents

2) to generally address a location with a description only comprehended by the speaker

See local, redundancy
Instead of saying, "I'm currently living in New York City", one would say, "I'm currently living on Washington street, near Tony's Pizza and the Chevron Gas Station"


One would say, "Take a right near the McDonald's that used to be a Auto Part Store, then go ahead until you get to that nice Falafel Restaurant, then etc..." In place of, "Take a right, then go ahead 2 blocks, then etc..."

Using Hyperlocal descriptions will surely confuse other people.
by Ron Paul is a Twat January 09, 2008
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Characterized by an absurd amount of detractive descriptions about an certain and specific location

See Hyperlocal for full definition
Hyper local (aka) Hyperlocal is just the evolution of small-town directions for non-residents
by Ron Paul is a Twat January 09, 2008
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