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Hype-irony (hi-pi-row-ny) -; The act of being somewhat of a wingman and hyping something a person said with at least 3 people present all in all, while at the same time applying sarcasm in a way that the majority of the people that are present sense that you actually think said person is a blatant idiot.

It's important to do it in a convincing, hype-esk fashion. Otherwise, it's just regular sarcasm. Let hypeirony be a surprise element. If you're in an office environment, limit the amount of hypeirony and spread it out evenly during the course of a week, and apply hypeirony when the noise level at the office is at the lowest.

Closely related to trolling.
At a party:

Person 1: Hey, let's put more Adele on the playlist!
Person 2: Yeah, let's put more Adele on the playlist, she's awesome! (Hypeirony)

At the office:

Person 1: Frank better deliver that report in time
Frank's office friend in the back of the office: Yeah, he totally has to deliver, or else you'll get him! (Hypeirony)
by viegaard January 06, 2017
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