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Hypeatitus is a common affliction before the release date of (insert popular video game/movie/politician/etc. here). Eventually those afflicted with Hypeatitus have resentment/disappointment for product "x" as they gave it too much hype and unrealistic expectations for the product once it is released.

Some symptoms of onset Hypeatitus include:
1. Constant thoughts of product "x"
2. Speculation of product "x"
3. Involuntary spreading of hype for product "x"

4. Pre-ordering product "x"
5. Shelling out more money for the "special edition" of product "x"

There is no cure for onset Hypeatitus. At least none has been found currently. Preventative measure can be set in motion in order to resist contraction of Hypeatitus.
1. Watch and look up NOTHING for product "x" before release date.
2. Turn off your Internet
3. Punch friends in the face if they try to give you Hypeatitus.
Example of Hypeatitus:

(Easily excited Edward): ERRRRMAGERD I just saw the trailer for "The Duty Call 7: Electric Boogaloo"! I have to tell you all about it!
(Skeptical Sally): Oh god no! Don't you Dare!
(EEE): But WHY?! Duty Call is the Best ever!
(SS): No means no! I don't want to catch Hypeatitus before it comes out. Don't ruin it for me Ed!
by WageSlave2014 August 27, 2014
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