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Hyo-jin is the most beautiful girl in the world. She's kind hearted and puts others before herself. Some may think this quality is negative but Hyo-jin begs to differ. She's stunningly beautiful and all the guys stare at her when she struts her stuff. She's intelligent and could teach even the smartest minds a thing or two. She's outgoing and can even cheer up the lowest of souls. If you ever get a Hyo-jin in your life, never, ever let her go.
Girl: Wow, that girls incredibly smart!
Boy: I know, she's a Hyo-jin.
by 2DRoo September 20, 2017
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She's a chick that makes animation about furries n' shit. Pretty cringey, but she's got a god awful laugh. A fat face, other than that, she dates Pyrocynical. That's about it
Dude, Hyojin is a thicc bih. I hate her laugh though.
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