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1. The person who gets laid most often
2. The most intelligent and amazing person on earth.
3. Irresistible to the opposite sex
4. Body that rivals that of Gods
5. Leader of his own religion, subconsciously followed by everyone in the planet
6. Has a huge penis, defying Asian stereotypes
7. Omnipotent power that controls everything as you know it
8. Created the world in 2 days, unlike someone who did it in 6 and rested.
2. Don't try to act like Hyeonsoo 'cuz you ain't smart enough

3. Example dialogue:
Really Hot Girl: Hey wassup
Hyeonsoo: Nothing much
Really Hot Girl: What's your name?
Hyeonsoo: Hyeonsoo.
Really Hot Girl: Sex, now.
by asdfweyoyo March 26, 2009
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