Hvar is a dope island located in the mediterranean sea. If you’re form Australia or the USA, like 90% of the tourists, you would need around 24 hours to get here, but it’s definitely worth it. Hvar has enviably gorgeous beaches with many beach bars selling pricey cocktails to beautiful young adults waiting for their next chance to get laid. At night, the city of Hvar turns into a real night club and tourists, especially Australians, tend to get fucked up. Unfortunately it belongs to Croatia (Croats tend to raise their prices like gas, since Hvar is SO POPULAR), but nevertheless u should definitely come see it, wether you are coming alone, with your friends or even family.
•A: Yo what’s Hvar?
B: It’s basically an island designed for parties by the gods themselves.
A: Damn is that why everything is so ridiculously pricey?

•A: Yo have you ever been to Hvar?

Chad: No, is that in Australia?
A:No Chad, it’s in Europe.

•A: How was it in Hvar last night my dude?
B: Bro, last night was such a massive W!! We drank cocktails, went to the club and afterwards we got laid.
A: Damn bro I should definitely come see Hvar sounds like a lot of fun!
by young boy groski July 12, 2022
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